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FREE WHITE PAPER: Rhinos and Risk Assessments

FREE WHITE PAPER Rhinos and Risk Assessments: Adjusting risk Assessment Methodologies to Account for ‘Unforeseeable’ Events By Dr. Jo Robertson It is wrong to describe the COVID-19 pandemic as a "black swan" (i.e. a catastrophic event that no one saw coming). Far more apt would be to call it a ‘grey rhino’…

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Cyber-Crises Are Never “Just an IT Problem”

Cyber-Crises Are Never "Just an IT Problem" by Tony Jaques PhD, Director of Issue Outcomes Pty Ltd, for people who work in issue and crisis management, author of Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict. Online data failures and ransomware attacks are emerging as a leading deadly threat to reputation. However, some organisations still seem to…

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Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide by Dr. Jo Robertson

Free Chapter: No Successful Crisis Response Begins When The Crisis Begins!

Now, more than ever, today’s executive needs to be prepared to take quick action to annihilate crises before they happen! EXECUTING CRISIS: A C-SUITE CRISIS LEADERSHIP SURVIVAL GUIDE is made for business leaders who wants to learn how to manage a crisis when it arises. How leaders deal with crisis can clarify character and strengthen reputation.…

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Five Rules for Crisis Leadership, By Dr. Jo Robertson

Many thoroughly savvy executives fail to take the potential for crisis as seriously as they should. They might have great security plans, or they might be following so-called best practices in crisis management, but they are still woefully underprepared. Dr. Jo Robertson, author of Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide, shares her top…

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Don’t Get Blindsided! Get Your Guide to Crisis Leadership

A crisis strikes out of the blue, at the time and place least expected. In a word, you’re Blindsided! According to Bruce T. Blythe, managing a crisis is an ultimate test of leadership, requiring leaders who inspire loyalty and trust as they rise to the occasion to meet the needs of people. Blythe shows you what it takes to be an effective and humane strategic crisis leader, a “crisis whisperer.” While other books talk about crisis leadership, this one lands you in the middle of a fast-breaking crisis and demonstrates what a top-notch leader, a “crisis whisperer,” would say and do at every twist and turn. Blythe pulls up a chair and coaches you with real-world examples of what has worked — and not worked — in 30 years of experience with hundreds of companies just like yours. Some books tell you how to create a crisis response plan. Others tell you how to cope with the crisis as it takes place. Blythe does both.

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