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Rhinos and Risk Assessments: Adjusting risk Assessment Methodologies to Account for ‘Unforeseeable’ Events

By Dr. Jo Robertson

It is wrong to describe the COVID-19 pandemic as a “black swan” (i.e. a catastrophic event that no one saw coming). Far more apt would be to call it a ‘grey rhino’ — something that has long been predicted but overlooked by leadership the world over. This paper argues that it is time to stop relying on outdated risk formulas and adjust risk assessment methodologies to account for these grey rhinos. Simply put, it is time to accept that the potential impact of an event is more important than its likelihood.

This article first appeared in the Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning.


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How leaders deal with crisis can clarify character and strengthen reputation. On the other hand, the wrong words and actions from the C-Suite can worsen the crisis spiral. Crisis management does not begin on the day the fire erupts, the hurricane barrels through, or the accident happens. Dr. Jo Robertson, a leading expert in heading off and containing crisis, lays out the key concepts that business leaders need to apply to their own organizations so they don’t have to rely on outside crisis advisors to swoop in and save the day.

Managing a crisis when it arises

Your leadership survival guide provides an extensive amount of information and understanding about crisis management. Learn more about key crisis survival and resilience concepts so that when a crisis happens, handling the situation effectively can become a part of your established business practices.

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Strategies for crisis management include:

  • Communicating within minutes.
  • Choosing and prepping spokespersons.
  • Building and maintaining credibility.
  • Shaping your own narrative.
  • Tailoring a solution that works for your unique circumstances.
  • Challenging experts’ “cardinal rules” and ensuring “best practice” is best for your organization.
  • Adjusting your corporate culture to shine a light on problems.
  • Identifying the signal detectors that can warn you that a crisis is brewing.

Your Crisis Leadership Expertjo-robertson-rothstein-publishing

Dr. Jo Robertson a leading expert in heading off and containing crises, has a doctoral degree in Crisis Management and more than 20 years of experience keeping companies like yours out of crisis.

As Global Director of Emergency Preparedness for Capital One, she orchestrated the creation of a coordinated universal emergency preparedness program.

As Director of Crisis Preparedness for Arkema, she rebuilt and re-energized US crisis preparedness initiatives for France’s leading chemicals producer.

At Deloitte Services, Dr. Robertson led the national crisis management program for 100+ offices of 45,000+ professionals.

As Vice President for Marsh Crisis Consulting (formerly the Corporate Response Group) she designed, developed and delivered a wide array of services for senior corporate and C-Suite clients. Examples of the services she delivered are crisis communications planning, media training and real-time support for clients currently in crisis. She also has experience in delivering complex crisis management exercises.

No successful crisis response begins when the crisis begins!

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