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Rothstein Publishing is the premier content provider for the growing and global disciplines of:

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About Rothstein Publishing

Rothstein Publishing is all about precise business continuity and information necessary to thrive in the 21st century. Since 1989, we’ve been publishing an extensive, informational suite of books, templates, software and videos in these areas. We have recently added topics such as Cybersecurity, Enterprise Security Risk Management, and a new approach to Business Continuity, called Adaptive Business Continuity. philip-jan-rothstein-rothstein-publishing


Many international thought leaders often seek guidance and informtation from our authors and their books because of their vast knowledge and experience in the field. Most have also been key participants in developing industry standards and best practices. Some are founding fellows of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), as is our publisher Phil Rothstein. Phil was elected a Fellow by BCI in 1994 in recognition of his substantial contributions to the business continuity and disaster recovery professions. In addition to this, he is an internationally known entrepreneur, publisher, consultant, columnist, contributor to 120+ books, and an expert on the subject of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Industries and Niches Rothstein Publishing Serves

Business Continuity, Risk Management, Security and their related fields each have their own set of principles in business. However, these principles are critical for any enterprise. Sometimes they can even go hand in hand with one another in order to improve operations. No matter the size of company or your level of expertise, you’ll find in Rothstein publications the most current in practical advice, tools, and tips. Altogether we are the top content providers that will help your business protect your employees, facilities, and financial assets. We can also help your leaders manage legal and reputational risks. Furthermore, our texts are used in colleges, universities, and business schools worldwide to train the next generation of business and government leaders.

Rothstein Publishing is a division of Rothstein Associates Inc., an international management consultancy founded in 1984.

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