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Is Your Company Prepared? Vital Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Books and Products Your Team Needs to prepare for cyber warfare attacks

Is Your Company Prepared? Vital Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Books and Products Your Team Needs

Throughout the business world, security breaches have become a constant reminder of the critical need to assess and take action on cybersecurity risks and critical infrastructure vulnerabilities. As we have seen from the damages incurred from the war in Ukraine, it has occurred to many businesses and municipalities around the world that they could be…

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FREE WHITE PAPER: Rhinos and Risk Assessments

FREE WHITE PAPER Rhinos and Risk Assessments: Adjusting risk Assessment Methodologies to Account for ‘Unforeseeable’ Events By Dr. Jo Robertson It is wrong to describe the COVID-19 pandemic as a "black swan" (i.e. a catastrophic event that no one saw coming). Far more apt would be to call it a ‘grey rhino’…

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Free Emergency Evacuation Plan Template

FREE emergency evacuation plan template for your business This is one of the many templates, tools and resources included with the book Emergency Evacuation Planning for Your Workplace: From Chaos to Life-Saving Solutions, by Jim Burtles, KLJ, MMLJ, FBCI. This is your starting point for you to build your emergency evacuation plan for your people and…

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Preparation for Protest By Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Preparation for Protest Charlie Maclean-Bristol discusses how to prepare your company against protesters, taking into consideration the safety of your staff protesters and your company's reputation. With the Extinction Rebellion in London last week and the COP26 Conference of the Parties happening in Glasgow in 6 weeks, I thought it might be a good time…

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What Can We Learn? – Afghanistan 2021

Charlie Maclean-Bristol, FBCI, FEPS, discusses the devastating events unfolding in Afghanistan 2021 and what we need to learn from this as business continuity professionals I have been watching the events unfold in Afghanistan over the last couple of weeks with the Taliban taking over the country, the air evacuation taking place and yesterday, the two…

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