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Our Newest Author: Dr. Jo Robertson at Rothstein Publishing

We’re excited to announce our newest author: Dr. Jo Robertson

Jo is working on a new book project with the working title EXECUTING CRISIS: The New Rules for Crisis Leadership.

EXECUTING CRISIS is a common sense guide with new twists on “best practice.”. Unlike most crisis manuals, this is not a textbook for the practitioner. Instead, this is a book that provides executives the tools they need to grasp and execute key concepts proactively themselves. That’s because crisis response should never begin on the day of the crisis.

Rather than relying on crisis advisors to parachute in to rescue an organization today’s executives need to understand key crisis and resilience concepts. Executives need to be ready so that when crisis happens they can handle the situation more effectively. Overtime this process will become is just a part of their DNA, and something they fundamentally get.

EXECUTING CRISIS contains strategic guidance that goes beyond pure business continuity concepts. It also helps the savvy leader understand how to truly make their organization more resilient to crises.

Dr. Jo Robertson has a doctoral degree in crisis management and more than 20 years of experience keeping companies out of crisis.

Watch for this exciting new book later in 2019!



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