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Uber’s Not So Sweet Ride

I talk about the badly conceived strategy of companies waiting and hoping their crisis isn’t discovered in my newly released book Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide .  Uber’s 2016-2017 hacking crisis is a prime example cited in Chapter 6.  Customers and drivers weren’t angered as much by the fact that Uber had…

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Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide by Dr. Jo Robertson

NEW BOOK – EXECUTING CRISIS A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide, by Dr. Jo Robertson

Today’s executive needs to be prepared to take quick action to annihilate crises before they happen! EXECUTING CRISIS: A C-SUITE CRISIS LEADERSHIP SURVIVAL GUIDE is made for business leaders who wants to learn how to manage a crisis when it arises. Managing a crisis when it arises Your leadership survival guide provides an extensive amount of…

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Free White Paper: The Perfect Apology From A Leader

An Apology From a Leader can be a good thing The most powerful action in reputation recovery and rehabilitation is to apologize. If you want or need forgiveness, you’ll need to step up and apologize. “Wait a minute,” you say, “The lawyers won’t ever let me apologize.”. Well, let’s talk about leadership apology, understand it,…

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Are You Interested In Getting Published with Rothstein Publishing

Are you interested in getting published? Rothstein Publishing publishes and distributes industry-leading, current content digitally and in print globally. Our authors are globally recognized, and many are uniquely distinguished among international thought leaders as founders of their respective industries. Most have also been key participants in developing industry standards and best practices. We would like to…

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Rothstein Publishing’s new website – What’s in it for YOU?

I am excited to present our newly redesigned website, to provide you with access to the information, resources, books, tools, templates and videos you need most! Whether your interests include Enterprise risk and resilience Business continuity Cause analysis Crisis management, crisis leadership or crisis communication Emergency management Cybersecurity… is…

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Cyber Security Risks: The Changing Risk and Liability Landscape

Cyberrisks are fast-evolving, posing an ever-changing threat to businesses. Five years ago cyber security risks ranked at number 15 for most important peril. According to the annual Allianz Risk Barometer cyber security risks is now the second most important peril globally today. But some of these risks remain underestimated, and negligence scenarios are also increasing.…

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The Pathology of Leadership Error in Crisis

Self-Inflicted Leadership Crisis Response Failure Behaviors

1. Surprise: Stems from the U.S. management culture developed over the last 40 years which stresses the invincibility of managers and leaders based on extensive monitoring and data collection to the exclusion of many traditional (historic?) management beliefs, actions, concerns and functions. Today’s prevailing attitude is that smart managers are unlikely to suffer a crisis.

The unintended consequence of this delusion is that much necessary readiness activity never takes place.

Part of the surprise crisis always brings is related to the almost immediate realization by these smart leaders that readiness has suffered in an environment of management omnipotence and over optimism about inherent response capabilities.

The lesson: The smarter they are the harder and faster they fall.

The outcome is: The refusal to believe that things are serious, i.e. not wanting to look too concerned in the eyes and gossip of peers.

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FREE CHAPTER: Governance in the Resilient Organization

Get your free chapter on Governance in the Resilient Organization from the book Principles and Practice of Business Continuity Tools and Techniques, by Jim Burtles.

In the first 15 chapters of Jim Burtles' book, you learn how and why you might approach the development and delivery of a successful and effective business continuity (BC) program. This process has involved exploring the tools, techniques, and products. By now, you should be in a position to practice this discipline in a professional manner, and this book has focused on the detail level at which BC is expected to operate and prove to be beneficial. Now, in this chapter, intended for both the experienced BC practitioner and a person entering the profession, you have a chance to look upwards and outwards to see where  BC fits within your organization’s hierarchy and how it might filter upwards and penetrate downwards, as BC is integrated into your corporate culture.

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