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Book Review: Cybersecurity Law, Standards, and Regulations, Second Edition

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Cybersecurity Law, Standards, and Regulations, Second Edition, by Tari Schreider

Reviewed by Ronald L. Mendell, 1 September 2020

“Information security generalists who wish to look up relevant laws and court decisions on legal issues will find a highly useful resource in the second edition of Cybersecurity Law, Standards and Regulations. Readable and well-organized, the text is especially valuable for quick searches. Text boxes throughout the book highlight key ideas. Each chapter has self-study questions, making the book suitable for use as a textbook. (This reviewer teaches cyberlaw and will use the text as a standby reference.)… While this book is not a substitute for actual legal counsel, the text does supply a yardstick for the information security generalist trying to get an initial handle on a cybersecurity legal issue.”