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Register NOW for DRJ Fall 2020 Virtual Conference, September 28-October 1

Register NOW for DRJ Fall 2020 Virtual Conference

September 28-October 1

Our extended virtual conference provides informative sessions, expert speakersnetworking, and access to exhibitors you expect from DRJ, without the need to travel. Our DRJ Fall 2020 virtual conference offers attendees a great experience at an amazing value.

What to Expect at DRJ Fall 2020: a Virtual experience

Reduce downtime. Increase workplace safety. More secure data. Reduce overall risk. New skills. Latest technology. Lively discussions on the top issues.

This is a small sample of the return on investment you and your business will see from spending four days at DRJ Fall 2020: A Virtual Experience. Learn about the tools, build the connections, and receive the education you need to ensure your business is prepared for any situation. Be confident you can reduce downtime, ensure workplace safety and protect data integrity. This kind of knowledge and first-hand experience can’t be gained from reading an article or watching a short 10-minute video. Get the instant access and contact with the real industry experts who can help you make the difference in your business. You’ve got an important job to do and we can give you the tools you need to do it successfully.


Considering attending virtually?

Here are several reasons why you’ll want to attend our virtual conference:

  • No choosing between sessions offered at the same time. The most difficult part of attending an in-person DRJ conference is deciding which concurrent sessions to attend. With the virtual conference you can attend all sessions you are interested in on your own time anytime!
  • Ask questions and provide feedback. You can access live Q&As and audience response for some sessions. Participate in “backchannel” conversations with speakers, attendees, and exhibitors. Join video chats, breakouts, and live polls. Use speaker and attendee screen-share capabilities.
  • Never miss a handout or session. Our virtual option will provide digital handouts and presentations after the sessions end so all attendees can utilize the education and information.
  • Increase your CEUs. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain up to 65 continuing education credits when there’s no choosing between sessions!
  • Rewatch sessions for six months. Because all of the conference sessions are recorded, the ideas and insights can be paused while you take notes or reviewed to ensure you don’t miss anything. On-Demand viewing is available with every session.
  • Easy, simple, and engaging content. This is a great introduction to online training for those who are new to this learning format. The conference platform is easy to use and there is no software to download. This is your opportunity to learn new skills in the comfort of your home or office!
  • Great networking opportunities. You’ll have access to the entire attendee list to send messages and set up meetings and also see the full list of attendees in each virtual session to easily begin one-on-one chats. Virtual networking rooms will also facilitate discussion and creating connections between attendees interested in similar topics.
  • Access the virtual exhibit hall to learn about the latest tools and solutions available. Our virtual exhibit hall offers the same presentations on exciting products and services as our in-person option, complete with messaging between attendees and exhibitors and invitations to product demonstrations. Virtual attendees will also take part in vendor drawings with technology giveaways and prizes.

Our virtual conference is cost-effective because there are no travel or hotel expenses. Attendees receive the same great insights and access to experts you’ve come to expect from DRJ – straight from the comfort of your home or office.


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