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FREE CHAPTER: Governance in the Resilient Organization

Get your free chapter on Governance in the Resilient Organization from the book Principles and Practice of Business Continuity Tools and Techniques, by Jim Burtles.

This free chapter will help you go over practicing business continuity tools  Understanding this will help you to:
  • Maintain a permanent response capability.
  • Manage major organizational changes.
  • Understand what it takes to achieve ongoing resilience.
  • Develop resilience as an integral part of your culture.
In the first 15 chapters of Jim Burtles' book, you will learn how and why you might approach the development and delivery of a successful and effective business continuity (BC) program. You will also learn the importance of governance in the resilient organization. In this free chapter, whether an experienced business continuity practitioner or a person entering the profession, you can see where business continuity fits within your organization’s hierarchy.

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Security Budgets and the Risk Tolerance Question

We’ve all been there. It’s annual budget time and we are told that belts are tightening and we have to cut costs. Where does the finance organization look first for savings and what is their risk tolerance? That’s right… to the functions within the organization who do not contribute directly to the bottom line. So what’s a security professional to do when you are already operating a lean organization? You are protecting your company’s assets the best you can? And you still are being asked to perform better with fewer resources? In this article Rachelle Loyear discusses a few options for helping you meet the financial pressures of the organization while not going outside of the risk tolerances set by your management team.

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How Various Leadership Styles Apply to Corporate Crisis Management

While leadership decision-making under emergency response can be stressful it is important to know the traits involved when managing a crisis. Data is available from the minds of the executives that are protecting corporate brands, standing in the marketplace and ability to serve customers. It is important for new leaders to incorporate these styles of leadership in order to improve crisis management planning.

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Free Chapter: How Can Enterprise Security Risk Management Help YOUR Security Program?

How Can Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Help Your Security Program?

Find out now with your FREE Chapter!

You will further:
  • Explore how security has traditionally been viewed both inside and outside of the security profession.
  • Understand how Enterprise Security Risk Management can change the perception of security in your business organization to help you better communicate the value of security risk management.
  • See how ESRM is your best methodology to meet the changing global security risk climate.

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FREE CHAPTER – Business Continuity Project Startup and Management

How Do You Start Up and Manage YOUR Business Continuity Project?

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If your organization is starting out on Business Continuity Management, the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead of you could seem overwhelming. That is why it is crucially important to get the scope right, to set realistic limits for the early projects, and to put these within an overall business continuity program that will eventually lead to an integrated, comprehensive approach to protect the total assets of your enterprise. The only way to eat the Business Continuity elephant is “a bite at a time.” This FREE chapter shows how to prepare and also manage YOUR business continuity project.

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