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Free Business Continuity Exercises

FREE Business Continuity Exercises

Excerpted From the New Book:

Business Continuity Exercises:

Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

By Charlie Maclean-Bristol

These three FREE exercise scripts/guides are time-tested and designed to be easy to conduct in less than an hour each, regardless of your level of experience!

  1. Contingency planning for the Olympic Torch overnight stay at Glasgow airport using Speed Exercising.

  2. Identify Key Stakeholders by Using a Communications Matrix.

  3. Debrief Military Style: With an “After Action Review.”

These exercises and many more one-hour exercises are contained in Charlie Maclean-Bristol’s new book.

After All, An Unexercised Continuity Plan Could Be More Dangerous Than No Plan At All!


Is exercising your continuity program too time-consuming, costly, or difficult to justify in the face of conflicting organizational priorities or senior management buy-in? What if you could use quick, cost-effective, easy exercises to get valuable results with only a relatively modest commitment?

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just getting started, Charlie Maclean-Bristol provides you with expert guidance, a practical framework, and lots of proven examples, tools, tips, techniques and scenarios to get your business continuity exercise program moving!

You can carry out any of the 18 simple yet effective exercises detailed in this book in less than an hour, regardless of your level of experience. Plus, you will find all the support you will need to produce successful exercises.

Build your teams’ knowledge, experience, confidence and abilities while validating your business continuity program, plans and procedures with these proven resources!

“A great addition to the Business Continuity practitioner’s toolkit! “Charlie’s personality shines through. and his unique approach and many years’ combined experience makes this an easy-to-read, practical guide to running short exercises. Applicable to any organization of any type  or size, this book can be used to plan and execute a wide range of exercises for anyone with limited time and budget.

“As we are all being impacted by COVID-19, there is no better time to challenge our assumptions and validate the plans we have. As a profession, we need to reflect on the business continuity arrangements we have in place and ask how effectively they are working. We are faced with the challenge of how we can exercise safely in a socially-distanced work environment, and seeking ways to utilize technology to support this.

“Charlie drives home the importance of continuing to identify lessons from real-life incidents and crises, but more importantly how to learn the lessons and bring them into our plans. Running an exercise, no matter how simple, is always an opportunity to learn.”Deborah Higgins, Head of Cabinet Office, Emergency Planning College, United Kingdom

Click here to learn more about Charlie’s book, Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

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