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FREE CHAPTER: Getting Leadership Ready for Crisis

Crisis management may be defined as the exercise of common sense at lightning speed. Importantly, the effectiveness of crisis communication during the hours, days, and weeks it takes to resolve and recover from an event will prove essential to preserving the reputation, credibility, and morale of your organization. My years of experience and observation of crisis response have made it abundantly clear that every business and organization is vulnerable to mistakes, mishaps, surprise events, and human error. We are all vulnerable! However, experience also demonstrates that it is a prudent organization that has studied its vulnerabilities, identified those that present the greatest risk, and gets ready with what it must do and say to respond quickly and effectively in the face of a crisis.

- Jim Lukaszewski

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FREE CHAPTER: Business Continuity Project Startup and Management

How Do You Start Up and Manage YOUR Business Continuity Project?

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If your organization is starting out on Business Continuity Management, the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead of you can seem overwhelming. That is why it is crucially important to get the scope right, to set realistic limits for the early projects, and to put these within an overall program that will eventually lead to an integrated, comprehensive approach to protect the total assets of the enterprise. The only way to eat the Business Continuity elephant is “a bite at a time.” This FREE chapter shows how to prepare and manage YOUR business continuity project.

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Are You Wasting Your Full Business Continuity Potential?

Adaptive Business Continuity may deliver value 11 to 18 times faster than traditional BC practices. By staying with Traditional Business Continuity practices that date back to IBM mainframes and Y2K, practices that have yet to catch up to Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Management 3.0, and the nature of life in 2018, you are significantly limiting your potential as a BC professional. An approach that empowered you to be twice or three times more efficient in your professional role would most most certainly warrant some consideration -- one that offered ELEVEN times more productivity, eleven times more value for your efforts, demands attention.

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Can Enterprise Security Risk Management Help Your Security Program? GET YOUR FREE CHAPTER NOW!

How Can Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) Help Your Security Program?

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You will:
  • Explore how security has traditionally been viewed both inside and outside of the security profession.
  • Understand how ESRM can change the perception of security in your enterprise to help you better communicate the value of security risk management.
  • See how ESRM is the best methodology to meet the changing global security risk climate.

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DRJ Presents It's 59th Conference: Reimagining Business Resiliency

DRJ Presents It’s 59th Conference: Reimagining Business Resiliency

We’re thrilled to be returning to Phoenix, Arizona, for our 59th conference. We are looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix September 23-26, 2018, for your exclusive opportunity to spend three days with top industry experts. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to feel confident your organization is resilient and prepared for risk. Our goal at all of our conferences is to give you ample opportunities to learn, network, relax and to connect with your peers. Use your time at Fall World 2018 to connect with other likeminded professionals to learn the latest in business continuity and share strategies with one another that can strengthen your business. Our theme of “Reimagining Business Resiliency” ensures you’re equipped for today’s disruptions and tomorrow’s emerging threats.

“This is my first DRJ conference. I found the vast array of information offered excellent! I feel my organization can greatly benefit from the data and topics covered.”

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Full Program Announced for Continuity Insights’ 2018 New York Conference

Full Program Announced for Continuity Insights’ 2018 New York Conference

Leading regional business continuity educational event to be presented in partnership with the Contingency Planning Exchange Continuity Insights and the Contingency Planning Exchange have announced the full conference program, including keynotes, speakers, and sessions, for the 2018 Continuity Insights New York Conference, taking place October 22 at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in the heart of New York City.

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Business Continuity Awareness Week

BCI Manifesto for Organizational Resilience

The world is an ever-changing landscape in terms of risk, and as these changes happen, the business continuity and resilience industry must evolve. The BCI is proud to be a part of this evolution and we are releasing our Manifesto for Organizational Resilience during Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2018. The manifesto positions us within the organizational resilience sphere; not as the ‘know-all’ organization, but as a central point for collaboration across all management disciplines.

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