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Looking For Solutions to Performance Improvement? NEW Cause Analysis Manual: Incident Investigation Method & Techniques

A failure or accident brings your business to a sudden halt. How did it happen? What’s at the root of the problem? What keeps it from happening again? Good detective work is needed — but how do you go about it? In this new book, industry pioneer Fred Forck’s seven-step cause analysis methodology guides you to the root of the incident, enabling you to act effectively to avoid loss of time, money, productivity, and quality. “One significant difference in Fred’s approach to Cause Analysis is that he starts with Success, not failure. You need to be able to clearly define success using objective criteria, not only in results (dollars, product) but also in behaviors.”

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Handling Bullies in the Workplace: Practical Tips from an Expert, by Dr. Vali Hawkins-Mitchell

Bullies can range from a person who is an arrogant jerk to someone dangerously violent. They are mean, intentionally dangerous, unconscionable people. And for those of us in the workplace, the problem is that many of them have day jobs. Freedom from Bullying in the Workplace Week is October 16-22, 2016. Bullying isn’t a topic I enjoy writing about, but do I care about it. I care about freedom from being a victim. Victims have no choices, but I do and you do!

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Welcome to the Rothstein Publishing blog (formerly Business Survival)

First of all, if you don't recognize this, it's because Rothstein Associates Inc. and Rothstein Publishing are excited to announce that we've relaunched the former Business Survival(tm) blog. If you're reading this, it's because you're already a confirmed subscriber to our blog. Remember this? Rothstein Catalog on Disaster RecoveryNow, look for this! Rothstein Publishing So, what's new? Lots! For starters, our principal website,, is totally new.

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BCI, BSI Horizon Scan 2016: Physical security a growing threat to organizations

Physical security is seen as growing concern for business continuity professionals, according to the fifth annual Horizon Scan Report published by the Business Continuity Institute, in association with BSI. Among the ranks of potential threats that organizations face, acts of terrorism gained six places from 10th in 2015 to 4th this year, while security incidents moved from 6th place to 5th place.

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The Geopolitics of the Gregorian Calendar

boots-ground-740x400 As we enter the 432nd year guided by the Gregorian calendar, reform advocates argue that the calendar’s peculiarities and inaccuracies continue to do widespread damage each year. They say the current system unnecessarily subjects businesses to numerous calendar-generated financial complications, confusion and reporting inconsistencies.

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Lower Oil Prices Carry Geopolitical Consequences

Gas-Pump-740 The recent drop in global oil prices is affecting economies around the world. This series examines the reasons behind the falling prices and their effects on major energy consumers and producers. Part One discusses the structural changes in the oil market, particularly the growth in supply and the decline in demand. Part Two will examine the countries likely to be most troubled by price drops, while Part Three will look at the countries likely to gain the most.

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