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MIT’s Crisis Management & Business Continuity Course

Attend MIT Professional Education’s Crisis Management and Business Continuity course and prepare your organization for the inevitable. Offered since 2010, hundreds of participants have gained valuable insights and take-aways on business continuity, crisis management, disaster recovery, and crisis communications. Learn from MIT faculty and industry experts on MIT’s campus in Cambridge, MA July 24 – 28, 2017. Plus earn 3.3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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Don’t Get Blindsided! Get Your Guide to Crisis Leadership

A crisis strikes out of the blue, at the time and place least expected. In a word, you’re Blindsided! According to Bruce T. Blythe, managing a crisis is an ultimate test of leadership, requiring leaders who inspire loyalty and trust as they rise to the occasion to meet the needs of people. Blythe shows you what it takes to be an effective and humane strategic crisis leader, a “crisis whisperer.” While other books talk about crisis leadership, this one lands you in the middle of a fast-breaking crisis and demonstrates what a top-notch leader, a “crisis whisperer,” would say and do at every twist and turn. Blythe pulls up a chair and coaches you with real-world examples of what has worked — and not worked — in 30 years of experience with hundreds of companies just like yours. Some books tell you how to create a crisis response plan. Others tell you how to cope with the crisis as it takes place. Blythe does both.

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Manager’s Guide to Simple, Strategic, Service-Oriented Business Continuity

New for Business Continuity Awareness Week! You have the knowledge and skill to create a workable Business Continuity Management (BCM) program – but too often, your projects are stalled while you attempt to get the right information from the right person. Rachelle Loyear experienced these struggles for years before she successfully revamped and reinvented her company’s BCM program. In The Manager’s Guide to Simple, Strategic, Service-Oriented Business Continuity, she takes you through the practical steps to get your program back on track.

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Don’t WannaCry? Cyber Security Starts With Sound Information Security Policies

We all know we need to update our software, backup our critical data, install and maintain antimalware software and firewalls, manage robust contingency and recovery plans, not open funky emails, audit everything, blah blah blah. So what's wrong with us? Why don't we all do these things consistently? I'd like to think that everything we have been lectured, reminded, scolded, chastised, and even ridiculed about in the way of protecting our digital assets is doable and reasonable, but face it – sometimes it's not. Costs, number of hours in the day, distractions, urgent priorities, sleep, other crises, get in the way. Or, to put it simply, we get lazy or "have better things to do."

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Get Your Comprehensive Resource for Business Continuity Awareness Week

This is Business Continuity Awareness Week (May 15-19. 2017) – and what better way to start the week than to consult the most comprehensive book on Business Continuity, authored by global master practitioner, consultant, and trainer Andrew Hiles, FBCI, EIoSCM? Discover new ideas and inspiration to build world-class Business Continuity Management from this masterwork that distills Hiles’ wisdom about what works and why from 30+ years’ experience in 60+ countries.

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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 – May 15-19

Preparing for the threat of digital disruption

As the world becomes more and more digital, so do the threats that it faces. Just as we need to protect our organizations from the disruptions that occur in the physical world, we also need to have plans in place to deal with disruptions in the virtual world. As the Business Continuity Institute's latest Cyber Resilience Report showed, two-thirds of organizations experienced at least one cyber security incident during the previous twelve months, and 15% experienced at least ten. No longer can we think: "it will never happen to me." Given the prevalence of the threat, it perhaps no surprise that the BCI's Horizon Scan Report noted that, of all the possible causes of disruption, cyber attacks and data breaches were the top two concerns for business continuity and resilience professionals.

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Principles and Practice of Business Continuity: Tools & Techniques

Are you a Business Continuity Manager or training for the job? Are you ready to keep the business up and running in the face of emergencies ranging from earthquakes to accidents to fires to computer crashes?

In this second edition of Principles and Practice of Business Continuity: Tools and Techniques, Jim Burtles explains six main scenarios. He promises: “If you and your organization are prepared to deal with these six generic risks, you will be able to recover from any business disaster!”

Principles and Practice of Business Continuity: Tools and Techniques is organized with all the features you need to master business continuity.

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Emergency Evacuation Planning for Your Workplace: From Chaos to Life-Saving Solutions

Originally inspired by the horrific evacuation challenges of 9/11, this groundbreaking book is the result of 10 years of research into global best practices for getting everyone out safely — every time!
  • First ever, all-in-one, practical resource for evacuating people of all ages and health conditions from all kinds of workplaces, including small offices, skyscrapers, business and college campuses, industrial plants, stores, hospitals, and schools.

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Business Continuity Tools for Manufacturing, Distribution, Education, Business

These new tools for Colleges and Universities; Public and Private K-12 Schools; Manufacturing and Distribution; and, for Businesses of all types and sizes give you what you need to get your Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Resilience programs going!

  Collect information and evaluate your business environment, identify and reduce risks, analyze business operations, analyze alternatives to respond to disruptions, develop a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan, and to prepare for and respond to hazards-specific events with The Template for Comprehensive Business Continuity Management to Enhance Your Organization’s Resilience.

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Your Guide to Cybersecurity Law

In today’s litigious business world, cyber-related matters could land you in court. As a computer security professional, you are protecting your data, but are you protecting your company? While you know industry standards and regulations, you may not be a legal expert. Fortunately, in a few hours of reading, rather than months of classroom study, Tari Schreider’s The Manager’s Guide to Cybersecurity Law: Essentials for Today’s Business, lets you integrate legal issues into your security program. Tari Schreider, a board-certified information security practitioner with a criminal justice administration background, has written a much-needed book that bridges the gap between cybersecurity programs and cybersecurity law. He says, “My nearly 40 years in the fields of cybersecurity, risk management, and disaster recovery have taught me some immutable truths. One of these truths is that failure to consider the law when developing a cybersecurity program results in a protective façade or false sense of security.”

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