Rothstein Publishing News and Views Vol. 1

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Rothstein Publishing News and Views

Vol. 1  |  March 23, 2015

1. Welcome Message  |  2. Promotional Opportunities with Soundview
3. Rothstein Publishing Digital Advances  |  4. Staff Spotlight  |  5. Call For Authors



Welcome to the First Edition of Rothstein Publishing’s Newsletter

In 1993 (yes, I’m that old…) I developed and published a book on Disaster Recovery Testing. And so, as a practicing management consultant since 1984, I had this great “side job” as a publisher as well as an author.
Not long after, my dear friend Andrew Hiles, a founder of the business continuity industry, asked me if I’d be interested in publishing one of his books, one of many on business continuity and service level agreements. Suddenly (at least it feels like that to me after a couple of decades)… I was a publisher. Dozens of books later, I can’t help but to get excited every time a new book project comes alive.
As I’ve grown up, (not that my grandkids would believe that about me), it’s easy for me to forget that most publishers don’t work the way we do. From the beginning, my personal philosophy has always been to bring to publication the very best, unique content, from the brightest and most inspirational industry founders and thought leaders. And from the start of each project, my team and I are intimately involved. Our skills and background overlap with our authors, so we can work with them at every step of a book’s evolution from concept through finished product. This is by no means typical of most traditional publishers.
Fast forward to 2015: the growing Rothstein Publishing family… our authors, creative crew, editorial, marketing, and production teams are truly passionate about what we do. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine retiring!
I am humbled and honored to work with the people who have built Rothstein Publishing.

Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI, Publisher



Soundview & Rothstein Partnership Offers Authors Promotional Opportunities

A leader in the global corporate training market, Soundview offers a wide range of professional development products based primarily on top-tier authors and their business books. This platform has provided several Rothstein authors multiple opportunities to promote their books and build their personal brands.
To date, three Rothstein authors have been selected for Soundview presentations in several formats. Bruce Blythe, Jim Lukaszewski, and Vali Hawkins Mitchell have conducted live one-hour webinars and Lukaszewski has done a video training series and a recent two-part seminar.
Each year, Soundview editors evaluate hundreds of new business books across 10 major categories, including leadership, management, and communication. They apply rigorous criteria to choose the most outstanding titles for their annual “30 Best Business Books of the Year” collection. Jim Lukaszewski has been honored to have his Rothstein book, Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication, selected both for an Executive Book Summary and as one of 30 Best Business Books of 2013 by Soundview editors.
Founded in 1978, Soundview pioneered the concept of distilling key points of business books into 8-page text and 20-minute audio summaries, helping busy executives maximize their time and business intelligence. The Rothstein authors stand in the company of other Soundview-selected authors, who include Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Ken Blanchard, Jack Welsh, and others.
Soundview’s product line includes interactive author webinars, author interviews, and author video training courses. Delivery is in eight digital formats for computers, smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers. Their 600,000 customers include individuals and 500 companies in 49 countries and represent CEOs, middle managers, HR professionals, government leaders, entrepreneurs, business consultants, academics, and students.
For more information about Soundview see




A Manager’s Guide to Crisis Leadership

View Webpage


Business Continuity Management

Global Best Practices, Forth Edition

View Webpage


Lukaszewski on Crisis  Communication

What Your CEO Needs to Know About Reputation Risk and Crisis Management

View Webpage



Digital Advances

To meet the market need for professional and college texts in ebook format, Rothstein Publishing now publishes in eBook and ePub formats and has forged new digital distribution relationships. “Today we can reach the electronic library, academic, retail, and professional markets around the world through our digital partners, global platforms and vendors,” reports Glyn Davies, CMO and Sales Director.
Library partners include database and eBook services such as EBSCOHost, ebrary, MyiLibrary, Electronic Book Library (EBL), and iGroup Asia; while IngramSpark wholesales digital versions of Rothstein Publishing titles to over 39,000 retailers worldwide. Business professionals and college students may access Rothstein eBooks via Books24x7, Slicebooks, and VitalSource.
“Slicebooks is especially exciting,” says Davies. “You can get content by the whole eBook, by section or by the chapter — or create your own eBook by remixing chapters from not only other Rothstein titles, but also with digital content from other publishers.” Rothstein authors may find their book(s) on and click the Slicebooks icon to see their book “sliced.”



The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace

The Bottom Line Value of Emotional Continuity Management

View Webpage


Emergency Evacuation Planning

From Chaos to

View Webpage


Root Cause Analysis Handbook

A guide to Efficient and Effective Incident Investigation

View Webpage




Paula Fleming, Instructional Designer



Working tirelessly and creatively behind the scenes at Rothstein Publishing is our Instructional Designer, Paula Fleming. She defines instructional design as “the process of developing the content and delivery of curriculum. When done effectively, it makes the instructor’s job easier and helps students learn better.”
She adds, “Teaching has the power to transform lives. Instructional design is about creating a structure for learning that will really work. Teachers feel effective and can lead the class with authority, and students walk away with more than a grade or certificate—they are actually able to perform better.”
In the early 1990s, she began by developing training programs for HR departments. She earned an MA in Industrial Relations with an HR focus from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. The biggest change she has seen in her profession over the past few years has been online learning, “a huge game changer.” She adds, “pedagogy needs to be adapted to use online tools and to deliver learning to large groups of geographically dispersed students.”
After completing instructional materials for three Rothstein Publishing books, Paula reflects: “Learning more about crisis preparedness and management has made me listen to the news in a whole new way. I’m constantly thinking, ‘That person or organization could have handled that situation better!’”
As for her personal life, Paula says, “My husband and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with an elderly mastiff–St. Bernard, a Rottweiler puppy, two cats, and a tank of tropical fish. When not petting or feeding someone, I enjoy reading mystery novels and writing science fiction.”
For samples of some of Paula’s work, go to to view excerpted teaching materials for Hiles, Lukaszewski, and Blythe.



Call for Authors

Ready to write that book? Partner with us — for three decades we’ve published in the fields of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Crisis, Risk, and Emergency Management.

CONTACT: Kristen Noakes-Fry, ABCI
Executive Editor, Rothstein Publishing



Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI, Publisher



Rothstein Publishing is your premier source of books and learning materials about Business Resilience — including Risk Management, Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, and Root Cause Analysis. Our industry-leading authors provide current, actionable knowledge, solutions, and tools you can put into practice immediately. Founded in 1984 by Philip Jan Rothstein, our company remains true to our commitment to prepare you and your organization to protect, preserve, and recover what is most important: your people, facilities, assets, and reputation. Rothstein Publishing is a division of Rothstein Associates Inc., an international management consultancy.Website  |  Email Rothstein Publishing



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Lyndon Bird to step down as technical director of the Business Continuity Institute

The Business Continuity Institute has announced that Lyndon Bird FBCI is to stand down from his role of technical director.

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Did Brian Williams Lie By Accident? Can Someone Lie By Accident?

Some are now saying that Brian Williams just accidentally lied because it was so long ago in a war zone.

Look, liars always know. In more than 40 years of working with organizations, institutions, senior people, businesses, agencies and the news media through an extraordinarily broad spectrum of problems and serious circumstances, I have yet to meet anyone who accidentally lied.

Jim Lukaszewski asks, Has anybody reading this ever accidentally lied? Continue reading Did Brian Williams Lie By Accident? Can Someone Lie By Accident?

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MIT Professional Education announces its 2015 Crisis Management/Business Continuity Program

MIT Professional Education is pleased to announce its professional short course “Crisis Management and Business Continuity” for 2015. Join us on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA on July 27 – 31, 215. Earn 3.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Rothstein readers save 10%!

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Are Insurers Underestimating the Cyberthreat?

Americans have learned to live with big risks—including, for the past few years, losses from major cyberattacks. With news of major data breaches breaking almost daily, the public is growing numb and, to a certain extent, so are the businesses that must absorb the cost of enhanced cybersecurity.

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The BCI guide to… exercising your business continuity plan

We all know that we need to exercise our business continuity plans, it’s the only way to find out whether they will work. Of course that’s with the exception of a live incident, but during a disaster is never a good time to find out your plan doesn’t work. But what type of exercises should you run, how often should you run them, how to you plan them and how do you assess them?


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How to define your recovery time objectives

Defining the recovery time objectives (RTO) for your activities is one of the most critical things the business continuity manager will carry out. Get them wrong and the whole basis for your recovery strategy is flawed.

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DRJ Spring World 2015: Extend Your Learning and Networking!

Extend Your Learning and Networking at Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World 2015, March 22-25, 2015 !

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DRJ Spring World 2015: Extend Your Learning and Networking!

Extend Your Learning and Networking at Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World 2015, March 22-25, 2015 !

Pre- and Post-Conference CoursesWe appreciate that you need to make your travel budget go far and this is why it’s a good idea to look into the Disaster Recovery Journal Spring World 2015 pre– and post–conference courses.

Use these special courses to build on your business continuity knowledge and to take your expertise to the next level. We’ve designed the pre– and post–conference course agendas to mesh well with the main offerings at our three–day conference.

Choose a pre–conference course that gives you the knowledge you need to attend some more advanced sessions and workshops at DRJ Spring World 2015. Or select a post–conference course that gives you the extra skills you need to build on what you learned during the conference.


BCI Post-Conference CourseRemember that you can earn EAP credits from some of these pre– and post–conference courses. For those of you who want to achieve Business Continuity I certification, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) is offering a post–conference course and certification exam.

We look forward to seeing you very soon in Orlando, Florida for DRJ Spring World 2015.

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DRJ Spring World 2015 Conference: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Who is DRJ?

Disaster Recovery Journal

Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) is the #1 Business Continuity Publication in the World, and the leader in business continuity and disaster recovery knowledge and learning. We are a magazine publisher, an online information resource, and host two premier conferences each year.

This means we are involved in all aspects of BC/DR knowledge, education, networking and leadership.

Every issue of the Disaster Recovery Journal delivers a range of content including how-to articles, in-depth analysis of trends, and articles written by BC/DR leaders and innovators. The goal of the publication is to give you the latest and best information about the industry.

This knowledge and thought leadership is continued on our website: The website is packed with the latest news and information that applies to BC/DR. We offer a wide range of content including our very popular BC Glossary; DR Rules & Regulations; and On-demand webinars. Whether you’re looking for a white paper; trying to find out about the latest information about BCI certification; or want to read any of our online exclusives – is the only resource you need for BC/DR.

The natural transition for DRJ was to become the leader and innovator in BC/DR conferences. We hosted and organized our first conference in September 1989. This first conference drew 250 disaster recovery professionals – today in 2015 we’re seeing over 3,000 attendees at our annual fall and spring conferences. We’re proud to have so many repeat attendees and to be able to attract the leading industry-speakers and thought-leaders to each of our conferences.


Why Attend DRJ Spring World 2015?

DRJ Spring World

DRJ Spring World 2015 is your opportunity to take your BC/DR knowledge, skills, expertise, and confidence to the next level. Whether you’re new to BC/DR or a seasoned professional – there are limitless opportunities for you to learn and expand your skill set at DRJ Spring World 2015.

Our goal with this conference is to ensure that you get the most possible from your three days of learning. This means for one low price we offer you:

  • A wide range of general sessions, break-out tracks and workshops
  • Interactive learning and roundtable discussions
  • Two hospitality events that make it easy for you to network
  • Breakfast & lunch each day of the conference
  • An exhibit hall that is packed with the leading vendors, trend-setters and service providers in the industry
  • Specialized Senior Advanced Track for qualified attendees
  • Easy access to DRJ’s Live Learning Center
  • An opportunity to attend pre-and post-conference classes presented by industry experts (an additional fee would apply)

We know that conferences can often be located in out-of-the-way hotels with very few amenities and entertainment options… Well, that’s not the case with us! DRJ Spring World 2015 is located at the outstanding Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort – you get fantastic accommodations, an ideal location for relaxation, and the perfect place to bring your entire family.

Start your spring the right way in Orlando, Florida from March 22 – 25. Just three days at DRJ Spring World 2015 will gain an ROI that will last for years with the skills, knowledge, and contacts you make. There are many reasons why we’re the number one BC/DR conference in the world. Come to Orlando this March and discover the reasons for yourself.


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