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Developing an Effective Disaster Preparedness and Communication Plan

According to Aaron Charlesworth (for Risk Management Magazine): Developing an Effective Disaster Preparedness and Communication Plan

Although weather is often unpredictable and always uncontrollable, businesses can go a long way toward mitigating damage with careful preparation. According to a 2018 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife, however, more than one-third of small businesses have no emergency plans in place for natural disasters or severe weather, and while larger businesses often have business continuity and disaster recovery plans, many of them do not account specifically for weather-related events.

It is important to exercise disaster preparedness so that businesses can ensure that they are always using effective communication. In Aaron Charlesworth’s article you will learn more about how to prepare for a natural disaster. Once you learn the importance of preparing for a natural disaster Charlesworth will dive into the steps you can use to deliver effective communication.

See Developing an Effective Disaster Preparedness and Communication Plan, by Aaron Charlesworth.

If you still need help finding an answer to effective disaster preparation and planning, Rothstein Publishing has you covered. Philip Rothstein is the author of Disaster Recovery Testing: Exercising Your Contingency Plan. This book will help you work through a variety of testing scenarios and methods to better understand the requirement for a workable contingency plan. In examining these alternative test scenarios, you will in turn be able to better plan for your own business.


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