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Business Continuity Institute reforms FBCI entry requirements

The FBCI is the highest membership grade offered by the BCI, but the Institute’s Global Board is concerned that there are currently only around 100 FBCIs from a total of over 9,000 members. In response to this, and feedback received from members suggested that some of the requirements for making a contribution to the Institute were almost impossible to achieve, the BCI has adapted the FBCI entry requirements.

With immediate effect, rather than having to have achieved four contributions from a list of eight possibilities, FBCI candidates are required to have contributed at least 120 hours in the previous five years from an expanded list. Pro bono contributions to local community organizations will also now be recognised as valid supporting contributions.

All other requirements for achieving FBCI remain the same.

Find out more at //www.thebci.org/membership/how-to-join-the-bci.html

As one of the first to be honored with the FBCI designation (BCI member #34, 1994), I heartily encourage business continuity professionals to aspire to this level of recognition.

– Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI