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Cyberrisks are fast-evolving, posing an ever-changing threat to businesses. According to the annual Allianz Risk Barometer, which surveys more than 1,900 risk experts, cyberrisks have gone from 15th five years ago to now ranking as the second most important peril globally. But some of these risks remain underestimated, and negligence scenarios are increasing.

Read more at The Changing Risk and Liability Landscape for IT Security and Data Risks by Emy Donavan for Risk Management Magazine at //www.rmmagazine.com/2019/01/28/the-changing-risk-and-liability-landscape-for-it-security-and-data-risks/

Learn how to protect your business from cyberrisk  from Building Effective Cybersecurity Programs: A Security Manager’s Handbook by Tari Schreider.