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Our Newest Author: Charlie Maclean-Bristol At Rothstein Publishing

We’re excited to announce our newest author: Charlie Maclean-Bristol.

Charlie is currently working on a new book project that addresses Short Business Continuity Exercises. This new project gives a businesses a way to execute exercises in under an hour.

While it may not be quite as much fun as “speed dating,” “Speed Exercising” can be a valuable approach for businesses. This low-cost approach can help ramp up and validate your business continuity program as well gain buy-in and experience.

The audience for this book includes business continuity practitioners. It also includes those who have BC roles, but do this as part of their role in their organization. The book is also intended for individuals and groups to improve their organization’s resilience. The idea is to have a series of simple and fun exercises, which those without lots of exercising skills and BC knowledge can run for their peers.

About Charlie Maclean-Bristol

Charlie Maclean-Bristol, FBCI, FEPS is founder of two successful business continuity companies, PlanB Consulting and Business Continuity Training. He is an experienced consultant in business continuity, crisis management, ISO 22301 and Crisis Incident Management. He obtained an award for “European Personality of the Year 2018” in the BCI European Awards.

Charlie is a former Business Continuity Institute board member and one of the very few Fellows of both the Emergency Planning Society and the Business Continuity Institute.

Watch for this exciting new book later in 2019!



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