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Managing Global Risks: How To Maximize Performance In Volatile Times

Policy changes, geopolitical conflicts, volatile financial markets, and industry disruption are some of the many global issues that can threaten an organization. In today’s level of unprecedented change, risk readiness has fallen to its lowest point in over a decade. Which risks are on the horizon and how are leaders preparing for the unknown? How does an executive manage risk while maximizing performance in volatile times?

The Global Top 10 Risks: How would you rank them?

From geopolitics to the next high-tech  revolution, business leaders are navigating through unprecedented change. As the shifts in year-over-year risk rankings show, managing volatility while maximizing performance  is a permanent C-suite priority. Explore the global Top 10 risks uncovered in Aon’s 2019 Global Risk Management Survey.

What Makes a Successful Risk Leader?

First and foremost, risk management is still evolving as a profession. Risk leaders today are always trying to find ways to prove their value. They either come from a strong background of experience or they have to learn new policies, systems and processes. Most of the time they are considered the “business prevention” or “critical” colleague. However, as business comes with a lot of risks and opportunities they are the right people for the job. Learn more about how successful risk leadership can benefit a business in the face of new technology.

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