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FM Global Resilience Index Tool 2019 For Senior Executives

The FM Global Resilience Index is a resource designed to help senior executives conduct vulnerability assessments. It is also a resource to help build their companies’ resilience around the world.

Make a Resilient Decision

The resilience of a country’s business environment matters when you’re planning where to do business. Updated annually, the 2019 FM Global Resilience Index is the only tool that gives you the ability to compare risk in nearly 130 countries. This can help you evaluate regions, site business operations and select partners. With this information it can help you make more informed strategic choices about your enterprise resilience.

Every country is unique, with its own interdependencies and vulnerabilities. The 2019 FM Global Resilience Index is a comprehensive single tool that combines the core drivers of enterprise resilience while highlighting weaknesses. It also offers resources for companies to evaluate and mitigate risk. To ensure that business remains resilient, it’s important that managers understand their companies’ capacity to endure and respond to disruption.

Cyber, hurricane and earthquake events dominated the headlines in 2018. The incidence of extreme weather events also grew in the form of coastal flooding and wildfires that ravaged parts of the United States, Canada and Australia.

The tariff war between China and the United States continues to make headlines, while in Europe, the political debate around the European Union and Brexit has yet to settle.


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