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Successful Risk Leadership: Adapting to New Technology

What Makes a Successful Risk Leader?

First and foremost, risk management is still evolving as a profession. Risk leaders today are always trying to find ways to prove their value. They either come from a strong background of experience or they have to learn new policies, systems and processes. Most of the time they are considered the “business prevention” or “critical” colleague. However, as business comes with a lot of risks and opportunities they are the right people for the job. Learn more about how successful risk leadership can benefit a business in the face of new technology.

New Technology and being a Successful Risk Leader

Almost every industry is in the grips of a seismic shift driven largely by technology. As a result of the ever so changing technological landscape business environments also have to change and adapt to the global market. There is a rise of new business models, new market players, and a greater need for agility, flexibility and changing skill sets. Effective risk management is critical to help organizations navigate through these times successfully. This requires improvements to frameworks and processes, better tools, better-trained people with deeper expertise, and better use of data. But, perhaps more than anything, it requires successful risk leadership to make it all happen.

By taking these steps outlined in this article in your risk leadership development, you will be able to enhance your profile within both your company and the risk profession as a whole.

See What Makes a Successful Risk Leader? by Dawn Holberton, Dougie McAndrew and Dr. Craig Simpson for Risk Management Magazine.


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