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How Various Leadership Styles Apply to Corporate Crisis Management

While leadership decision-making under emergency response can be stressful it is important to know the traits involved when managing a crisis. Data is available from the minds of the executives that are protecting corporate brands, standing in the marketplace and ability to serve customers. It is important for new leaders to incorporate these styles of leadership in order to improve crisis management planning.

There are many facets to leadership as one can have multiple styles. But, in the face of a crisis it comes down to how the leadership responds. It also depends on how the leader and their style manifests in the executive team’s collective behavior. This is what ultimately, creates a strong crisis management capability. Those corporations who want to be pioneers need to willingly share leadership lessons so those that come after them are better equipped to manage crises.

Devin Sirmenis, Witt O’Brien’s, explains distinct leadership styles and their applicability to corporate crisis management, courtesy of Continuity Insights.

See How Various Leadership Styles Apply to Corporate Crisis Management.

BCI highlights the different characteristics of how they view leaders during crisis management. They understand that being a good leader that can respond to a crisis management will help the enterprise thrive.

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