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Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment: The Definitive Threat Identification and Threat Reduction Handbook free chapter by rothstein publishing

FREE CHAPTER: Critical Infrastructure Risk Assessment: The Power of the Observation

In this chapter about The Power of the Observation you will discover: • An overview of the concept of an “observation.” • The primary elements included in the observation as well as its format. • Fundamental considerations when performing and documenting the observation including the power of one’s influence on the actions being observed, the…

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Emergency Evacuation Planning for Your Workplace: From Chaos to Life-Saving Solutions

Originally inspired by the horrific evacuation challenges of 9/11, this groundbreaking book is the result of 10 years of research into global best practices for getting everyone out safely — every time!
  • First ever, all-in-one, practical resource for evacuating people of all ages and health conditions from all kinds of workplaces, including small offices, skyscrapers, business and college campuses, industrial plants, stores, hospitals, and schools.

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