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Diversity of Topics Sets the DRJ Fall 2022 Conference Apart

Please join our friends at DRJ for their upcoming conference September 11-14, 2022 in Phoenix!

Four Reasons to Attend DRJ Fall 2022, According to a Manager of Operational Resilience

Cary Jasgur is the manager of operational resilience at Edward Jones. Jasgur looks forward to attending DRJ Fall 2022 (, Sept 11-14 in Phoenix. He expects to gain at least four key benefits in particular:

  1. High-Caliber Insights
    “The diversity of topics sets the DRJ Fall conference apart. There is beneficial content for entry-, mid-, and senior-level resilience professionals.”
  2. Business Goals
    “Before going, I set one to four goals I want to achieve to further my career and my organization. When I get back, I can present on what I discovered, the industry contacts I made, vendors I met, and lessons I learned.”
  3. Strategic Connections
    “When networking in person, you can chat with different groups and target people you specifically want to talk to. This makes a huge difference compared to virtual networking.”
  4. Immersive Learning
    “Immersing yourself in whatever you are trying to learn helps you learn better. That is true whether you are studying a foreign language or honing your resilience skills. The DRJ Fall 2022 ( conference is a great way to immerse yourself deep in the industry.”

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