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Cause Analysis Library, Tools And Guides for professionals like YOU!

The only Cause Analysis resources you need in the field to approach, investigate and analyze business problems and accidents. 3 comprehensive books offering cause analysis interactive tools, projects, resources and references.

✔️Root Cause Analysis Handbook (Real world examples and sample templates and toolkits)

✔️Simplifying Cause Analysis (Interactive investigation tools)

✔️Cause Analysis Manual (Incident investigation guide)

We also have all 3 books available in one bundle for professionals building their cause analysis libraries.

Rothstein Publishing offers the best library, materials, and tools for cause analysis experts like you. You can expect to gain insight from industry experts on what to do if a failure or accident brings your business to a sudden halt. You will be able to answer “How did it happen?”, “What’s the root cause of the problem?” and “What keeps it from happening again?”. Good detective work is needed, and these tools will help you become a cause analysis expert.


Rothstein Publishing continues to build our tools and resources for junior and senior personnel investigating cause analysis. We also offer course adoption for colleges and universities with aspiring students looking to work in the cause analysis field. Have questions about our cause analysis library and resources? Contact us today for more information.

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