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BCI Manifesto for Organizational Resilience

The world is an ever-changing landscape in terms of risk, and as these changes happen, the business continuity and resilience industry must evolve.

The BCI is proud to be a part of this evolution and we are releasing our Manifesto for Organizational Resilience during Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2018.

The manifesto positions us within the organizational resilience sphere; not as the ‘know-all’ organization, but as a central point for collaboration across all management disciplines.

We are making 4 pledges.

  1. We will champion academic research and new thinking for the benefit of the practitioner community.
  2. We will create a series of global and local Resilience Alliances with other like-minded professional bodies.
  3. We will establish a series of Next Practice Groups across the UK, Europe, India, North America and Australasia.
  4. We will develop and launch an Online Resilience Tool designed to increase awareness amongst organizations of all sizes and across all sectors.

We are looking to the future with these pledges and although some of them are already underway, in order to achieve our goals, we must work alongside professionals in other institutes, research departments, our partners, and the resilience community as a whole.

If you want to learn more about the BCI’s positioning, organizational resilience as a whole or the manifesto in detail; you can join us at one of our exciting launch events taking place in London, Toronto and Sydney. At these events, you will hear from David Thorp, Executive Director of the BCI, and have the chance to get involved with panel discussions around organizational resilience from some of the leading professionals. We will also hear from other organizations about their experiences.

Click the button below to download the manifesto from the BCI website.

 Download the Manifesto

There are many other activities taking place during BCAW so why not take a look at to register for webinars, attend the events or download resources to raise awareness in your organization.

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