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Create a bomb threat safety plan and develop a bomb incident plan

Bomb Threat is a DVD training video program that teaches how to develop a bomb threat safety plan and to manage reports of bomb threats to minimize the disruption of activities while protecting the safety of the community.

Bomb threats are annoying, but must be handled properly to protect the safety of the people within the threatened facility. This training video shows how to manage bomb threats properly in order to minimize the disruption of activities. It is designed for security and maintenance personnel, school officials, building management, government officials, fire, police, crisis management teams and others who may respond to bomb threats as a part of their duties.

Creating a bomb threat safety plan include topics such as:
  • The type of locations bombers are most likely to target
  • Steps that building management can take to harden the site against becoming a potential target
  • Major elements of a bomb incident plan
  • Chain of command
  • Setting up a Command Center
  • Developing a communications plan
  • Alerting, evacuation and search procedures
  • How to substantiate the threat
  • Responsibilities of the on-site emergency manager
  • When to order an evacuation
  • Coded alerts and low-profile searches
  • The role of the bomb squad
  • Anthrax scares
  • Recognizing a potential bomb
  • Searching for secondary devices

Also includes a separate Instructor’s CD.

DVD, 29 minutes plus instructor’s CD. Produced by Emergency Film Group.        $325.00

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