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A Crash Course in Data Breach Readiness

Incident Response Plans and Security Breaches

A study released by IBM and the Ponemon Institute found that:

  • 77% of businesses worldwide do not have a consistent incident response plan for data breaches.
  • These corporations rely solely on informal or department-specific damage-control strategies.

Even more troubling, nearly half of the organizations surveyed characterized their incident response plans as either “ad hoc” or completely nonexistent.

Get a Crash Course in Data Breach Readiness

There is an increasing number of severity in cyberattacks that raise concerns for companies and their security practices. The increase and regulations like the European Union’s GDPR raise the stakes for inadequate security practices. Improving security practices is one of the first steps a business needs to do in order to defend against breaches. Businesses need to master the art of cyber resiliency in order to avoid costly regulatory penalties, reputation damage and financial hardship.

It is not always pleasant to imagine what might happen in the event of a catastrophic data breach. But in an age where the unthinkable is fast becoming the inevitable, companies that master the techniques can transform themselves from data breach victims to cyber-resilient leaders.

See A Crash Course in Data Breach Readiness by Jerry Thompson for Risk Management Magazine

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