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Webinar: Data Center Outage Trends, Causes and Costs

Webinar Presentation Title:
Data Center Outage: Trends, Causes and Costs

Andy Lawrence, Executive Director of Research, Uptime Institute
Chris Brown, Chief Technical Officer, Uptime Institute
Todd Traver, Vice President of IT Optimization & Strategy

Webinar on Data Center Outage:

Critical systems and data centers are immeasurably more reliable than they were two or three decades ago. Not only has equipment become far more reliable over time, but management processes are now in place to anticipate failures or limit the consequences.

Uptime Institute’s research finds that major failures are not only still common, but that the consequences are high, and possibly higher than in the past – a result of our high reliance on IT systems in all aspects of life. The findings in this report also discusses ways to extend the industry’s understanding of the type, range, causes, and extent of outages, providing some lessons.

Members of Uptime Institute’s executive team discuss the newest and most important findings about data center outages, including trends in causes and types, along with strategies for reducing the number and impact of outages.

Andy Lawrence, Executive Director of Research; Chris Brown, CTO; Todd Traver, VP IT Optimization & Strategy.

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Webinar: Data Center Outage Trends, Causes and Costs

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