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Suicide Bomber Training DVD


Suicide bomber preparedness training for police officers and other emergency personnel.

Suicide Bomber DVD training video provides important training and information for bomb squads, police, firefighters, EMS, security and military personnel who may respond to an attempted or actual suicide bombing. Instructs emergency personnel on how to plan for, prevent, recognize and respond to suicide terrorism.


Suicide Bomber DVD training video topics covered include:

  • Trends in suicide terrorism
  • Intelligence gathering and cooperation
  • How terrorists plan an attack
  • Improving security measures
  • Clues to the presence of a human or vehicle bomb
  • Covers both pre- and post-detonation responses
  • Taking the warning call
  • Mobilizing local & federal agencies
  • Evacuation
  • Identifying WMD agents
  • Checking for secondary devices
  • Use of deadly force
  • Search, rescue and triage.

Includes Resource CD-ROM.

EFG has achieved a new pinnacle of success with the announcement that Suicide Bomber has received a remarkable 5 awards for filmmaking excellence and training effectiveness.

The five awards include:

  • A prestigious Cine Golden Eagle for excellence in film production, signifying the program’s selection to represent the U.S. in overseas film festivals;
  • A Telly Award, honoring excellence in non-broadcast film productions;
  • A Gold Aurora Award, an international competition judged by panels of working film and video professionals that recognizes excellence in film and video;
  • A Davey Award from the International Academy of the Visual Arts, dedicated to embracing progress in traditional and interactive media;
  • A World Medal from the New York Festivals, which honors creativity and effectiveness in global communications through film.

DVD Video, 29 minutes, + Resource CD, by Emergency Film Group.



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