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Free Emergency Evacuation Plan Template For Your Business

FREE emergency evacuation plan outline for you and your business needs

It is one of the many templates, tools and resources included with the book Emergency Evacuation Planning for Your Workplace: From Chaos to Life-Saving Solutions, by Jim Burtles, KLJ, MMLJ, FBCI.

This is your starting point for you to build your emergency evacuation plan for your people and facilities. This free template will give you the basics on how to create a comprehensive evacuation plan. You will learn how to evacuate people of all ages and health conditions. The guide will also help the planning based on the size of your facility. Burtles’ carefully constructed methodology leads you through the development of organization-wide plans. He ensures that your procedures align with best practices, relevant regulations, sound governance, and corporate responsibility.

Inspired by the horrific emergency evacuation challenges of 9/11, Jim’s groundbreaking book is the result of 10 years of research. His studies on global best practices for getting everyone out safely has lead to the creation of this book. Protect your workplace today!

Click HERE for your FREE Emergency Evacuation Plan Template!


Click here to get Jim Burtles book Emergency Evacuation Planning for Your Workplace: From Chaos to Life-Saving Solutions

Jim’s book also includes a practical toolkit full of innovative and field-tested plans, forms, checklists, tips, and tools to support you as you set up effective workplace evacuation procedures.


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