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Free Chapter: What Obstacles Must You Overcome (The Corporate Warrior)

You – and the military – need to know the competition and the strategic area in which competition takes place. Once you’ve defined what success means, you will need to identify the obstacles to your success. The general precept is “know your enemy” – or competitor. That means doing your homework, which includes cogent target audience analysis.

In this sample chapter from the new book The Corporate Warrior, you will learn from James Farwell the society, culture, history, leadership, and values of any target audience. From Farwell’s personal experiences, you will learn how military leaders contend with hostile adversaries, unfamiliar cultures, and target populations focused on local agendas. Your actions may or may not interest them; different societies embrace different values.

Remember the word values; it’s become a cliché in US politics, but value-driven companies and governments focused on improving lives are more likely to succeed. In this sample chapter, corporate examples illustrate the precept. For example, after drowning in red tape, IBM reincarnated its identity. Apple urged customers to think differently. Nike built success around a narrative that you can improve your life through sports. Starbucks understood the power of connections in a culture in which many people feel isolated.

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Successful Strategies from
Military Leaders to
Win Your Business Battles

by James P. Farwell



Military Warriors Offer Business Leaders Actionable Strategies for Breakthrough Success on Your Field of Battle!

You make critical strategic and leadership decisions in real time. You need clear, concise, timely information to meet goals, improve performance, and increase profitability. With threats, technology, and competition changing the game at cyber-speed you, as a corporate leader and strategist, are constantly faced with life-or-death business challenges.

Leading international military strategists who have learned survival lessons the hard way on the front lines and yet emerged victoriously can be your guides to winning strategies.

The Corporate Warrior is a practical book loaded with direct, actionable strategies. Thanks to James Farwell’s direct relationships and experiences working with these well-known military leaders, you will learn powerful strategies and tactics to enable your enterprise to confront insurmountable challenges and conquer competition while winning valuable customer recognition and support for your brand!

Includes a Foreword by Admiral James (“Jim”) George Stavridis, plus thoughts on THE CORPORATE WARRIOR from Jim Lukaszewski, America’s Crisis Guru®.


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“This fascinating book takes us behind the scenes to see what corporate heads and business owners have done right, done wrong, and shows how today’s leaders can use the advice to successfully course-correct. I recommend this book as well to former military men like myself. When our initial careers wind down, many of us will serve on corporate boards, or work directly inside corporations, as I now do. For us, these examples serve as vivid reminders of what we, too, can take away from each other’s military tactics and strategies.” – Admiral James (“Jim”) George Stavridis (Ret), Supreme Allied Commander – Europe (SACEUR), retired four-star United States Navy admiral, and bestselling author is currently an operating executive with the Carlyle Group and chair of the board of counselors at McLarty Associates.

 “Every business leader should put The Corporate Warrior at the top of their reading list. It is an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking work. Especially as we think about marketing and managing for the future.” – John P. Kotts, CEO, Kotts Capital

“Informative, entertaining, a must-read for every executive at all levels.” – Boysie Bollinger, Chairman and CEO, Bollinger Enterprises, Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.


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