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The following are supplemental files referenced within the book

Executing Crisis: A C-Suite Crisis Leadership Survival Guide

By Dr. Jo Robertson

Crisis Management Expert

Executives can often find themselves bombarded with questions from the media in the face of a crisis. To help combat the media our crisis management experts can help executives navigate through a crisis when making a press statement.

Here are two audio clips from Rich Rowe’s press conference following the Arkema Crosby crisis referenced in section 9.2.2 illustrate what it sounds like in a phone interview or press conference when your spokesperson staples his/her press statement together.

The page turns are very obvious. Printing one-sided and spreading the pages out in front of you (instead of holding the statement in your hands as Rich Rowe did) eliminates the obvious “page turn.”
Audience members won’t hear the crinkling of the pages as they turn and it will sound more conversational and less scripted.






The following video clip, referenced in section 9.2.1, illustrates the need to always be on guard when there is a microphone in the room, whether or not you believe the interview has officially begun.
In the final sentence of the video clip, Assistant DC City Administrator Merrick Malone unguardedly reacts when I told him the waterfront fish sellers claimed his waterfront redevelopment plan would drive them out of business. His reaction was captured during camera set-up for the interview.
Although a microphone had already been clipped to his tie, he did not believe the microphone was on. It was.

Click here to view the video: DC Wharf.


For ease in accessing the hyperlink examples cited in the body of the book, we have included a consolidated list here:

Chapter 2:


Fig. 2-1. Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics video clip can be found at


Fig. 2-2 Video clip of Dallas Fox affiliate poking fun at its embrace of social media can be found



Fig. 2-3. Detail on the most popular social media channels can be found at


Fig. 2-4. Detail on the most popular platforms in France can be found at


Fig. 2.5. ASUS “fail” courtesy of Bernstein Crisis Management blog at


Fig. 2-6 Melissa Agnes video clip can be found at


Fig. 2-7. A video clip of the real Gary Southern press conference can be found at


Fig. 2-8. Tom Hansen’s parody of Gary Southern can be found at


Fig. 2-9. News coverage of NYC KFC/Taco Bell rat problem at


Chapter 3:


Fig. 3-1. Video coverage from the fire at Crosby can be found at


Fig. 3-3. Video of Rich Rennard answering media questions the day of the first explosion can be

found at


Fig. 3-4. Screen grab from a Rachel Maddow MSNBC broadcast showing Arkema’s one-page

overview on Crosby verbatim.


Fig. 3-5. Detail from the publicly available one-page overview for Crosby.


Fig. 3-6. Detail from the Arkema Crosby plant one-pager available online during the crisis.

Current one-pagers for each site can be found at


Fig. 3-7. Detail from the Arkema Crosby plant one-pager focusing on community involvement

and available online at during the crisis.


Chapter 4:


Fig. 4-2. Imamu Baraka’s patient dumping video can be found at


Chapter 8:


Fig. 8-1. Audra D. Bridges’ video of Dr. David Dao being dragged of a United plane can be found at


Fig. 8-3. Lululemon’s victim-blaming apology can be found at


Fig. 8-4. Brown’s Bar offers an insincere apology at


Chapter 9:


Fig. 9-1 Memorizing can make you sound robotic. See


Fig. 9-2. Look them in the eye at


Fig. 9-3 Pinstripe shirt jitter at


Fig. 9-4. Sit on your coat tails at


Fig. 9-5. People with dark skin tones may want to be careful wearing white unless the photographer can adjust for skin tone. See guidance from Elena Wilkins at


Fig. 9.6. More guidance on exposing for darker skin tones at


Fig. 9-7. Viewers want to see your eyes


Chapter 10:


Fig. 10-1. SimpliFlying slideshare at


Fig. 10-2. SimpliFlying analysis indicates the public flocked to Asiana’s social media sites to try

to get their information from the company itself.


Fig. 10-3. SimpliFlying example of inaccurate reporting by an eyewitness whose erroneous

account was picked up by the media because the company didn’t step forward with accurate

information quickly.


Fig. 10-4 The talking hat can be found at


Fig. 10-5. More on the Spirit of Justice statue at the State Department can be found at


Fig. 10-6. Too visually interesting at


Fig. 10-7. Minimal techniques for better lighting can be found at


Fig. 10-8. Minimal techniques for better lighting can be found at


Fig. 10-9. Minimal techniques for better lighting can be found at


Fig. 10-10. Reading from a script does not look sincere – see


Fig. 10-11. Blue Bell video clip done simply at


Fig. 10-12. Pepsi bottling process video clip demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that a syringe could not have been inserted during the bottling process at


Fig. 10-13. Example of a spokesperson with no avenue for escape at


Fig. 10-14. Try not to talk yourself into a corner at


Fig. 10-15. Spokesperson absent a wingman to recognize when the messages had been delivered and there was nothing left to gain at


Fig. 10-18. Ill-informed analysts will fill voids at


Your Crisis Management Expert

EXECUTING CRISIS provides the guidance needed for executing on that need. Dr. Jo Robertson, is a leading expert in crisis management. His book lays out the key concepts that business leaders need to apply to their own organizations so they don’t have to rely on outside crisis advisors to swoop in and save the day. Get your copy of EXECUTING CRISIS today so you can be ready to manage any crisis!


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