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There are only 4 weeks left until DRJ Spring 2020

There are only 4 weeks left until DRJ Spring 2020

Get answers to the questions keeping you up at night

Are you worried about cybersecurity threats? How would you handle a pandemic outbreak in your workforce? What are the key business trends you haven’t planned for yet? How often should you revisit your BC planning? DRJ Spring will help you answer these questions are more. There’s no better way to make sure you’re covering everything so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Go behind the scenes to get an insight on how companies are handling crisis

Our speakers will be sharing real-life experiences on how they are building resiliency, managing disaster recovery and dealing with ongoing threats. Learn how they gained executive buy-in, and handled employee response. Our speakers are forthcoming and open about what really happens behind the scenes during unplanned incidences.

Meet your peers open to sharing their challenges and solutions with you

DRJ Spring provide an opportunity to connect with 1,000 professionals who are responsible for business continuity and disaster recovery from just about every industry you can think of. Our sharing community atmosphere is something all attendees feel and benefit from.

In this industry, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels

When is the last time you took time away from your day-to-day job to dedicate time to improving your knowledge and skills? This is an opportunity to raise your game and become an authority in this space.

With only four weeks left, it’s time to get moving.


And start planning your time at the conference.

View the agenda here.


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