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Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2019

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2019 on May 13th – 17th will focus on the theme “Investing in Resilience” which will be the same theme for this year’s BCI World 2019.

This year’s theme for Business Continuity Awareness Week will explore different interpretations of “investing” to generate discussions around how we can best support business continuity professionals and resilience functions. From investing in people and training, to looking ahead and considering how we can invest in the future of resilience, this year’s BCAW activities seek to empower our community through raising awareness of the profession.

We are currently calling for papers for our webinar programme. Our regular BCAW webinar programme features speakers discussing topics such as:

  • The challenges faced by professionals and when trying to get investment in resilience
  • How you can support your BC Manager in getting investment in resilience
  • They many forms investment in resilience can take (e.g. Training, Finance, Resource, etc)
  • The importance of investing in resilience
  • What other types of investment might we have to consider in future?

Video & Competition: Investing in Resilience

We will be asking our community to tell us how they are investing in resilience. The community winners comments will be recorded and added to an animated video that will be revealed at BCI World 2019.


Case studies: 25 Years of BC

In light of the 25th anniversary of business continuity, the case studies will demonstrate what can be achieved across a career in BC and Resilience. Additionally, it will highlight the transformation of BC over the years. These should have an aspirational tone to them. We will start running the Call For Papers in January and have the papers as downloadable content during BCAW.

Case Study Competition: Investing in Resilience

A competition asking users to submit case studies demonstrating how they have increased “investment” in resilience functions or future plans to. The winner will also gain a spot at the BCI World 2019 exhibition seminars to share their studies further. We will start running the competition in January and have the papers as downloadable content during the course of BCAW.


Social Media Competition: Planting the roots of resilience

Nominate a colleague or BC professional who has found success in investing in resilience. After that, please use the hashtag #RootsOfResilience and tag @theBCeye for the chance to win prizes.


To start raising awareness of Business Continuity Awareness Week, posters and screensavers are now available to download from


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