Taken over by aliens? Don’t worry; Google has it covered

Imagine what would happen if all the Google engineers turned rogue and held the world’s Gmail accounts to ransom. Or if aliens attacked earth and wiped California off the map.

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FEMA publishes business continuity exercises for private sector organizations

FEMA is now providing, free for download and use, a series of Tabletop Exercise presentations as a tool to advance your organization’s continuity, preparedness and resiliency.

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DRIE GTIME Exercise Reports Now Available

The Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE) in Partnership with BOMA (The Building Owners and Managers Association) and the City of Toronto, Canada conducted GTIME #1, the first Greater Toronto Incident Management Exercise, on October 29, 2009. Reports for the GTIME #1 exercise are now available.

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Crisis Management: A Case Study on Mumbai Terrorist Attack

Incredible undersea cable scenario

Incredible undersea cable scenario

by Nathaniel Forbes, ZDNet Asia

At 08:00 on Wednesday morning January 30, 2008, two ships 2,500 kilometers (1,600 miles) apart in the Mediterranean drop their anchors in stormy weather off Alexandria, Egypt, and Marseilles, France, at the same time. They both manage to drop their anchors directly onto two separate undersea cables buried 50 centimeters in the sand, each roughly the diameter of your wrist.

The two cables carry 75 percent of network traffic in the Middle East and South Asia. Your business in India or Egypt loses over half its international data and voice network capacity.

Two days later on Friday morning, February 1, a third cable is severed by an abandoned anchor embedded in the sea floor off the coast of Dubai, also 2,500 kilometers (1600 miles) from Alexandria, but in a different direction. That cable is owned by the Indian company that also owns one of the cables broken earlier.

Your voice and data networks are now crawling at just 25 percent of capacity. A spokesman for your business in India or Egypt calls it a “national disaster”.

Then two days later on Sunday Feb. 3, a fourth cable goes down, this time between the UAE and Qatar, from a power failure. Egypt’s Ministry of Communications announces, after a review of video footage, that the first cable break off Alexandria was not caused by a ship’s anchor, but offers no other explanation.

Incredible undersea cable scenario


So, what was that about exercising your contingency plan…? A valuable book on exercising contingency plans is Disaster Recovery Testing: Exercising Your Contingency Plan, Philip Jan Rothstein, FBCI, Editor.

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