Exploratory research: PhD in Resilience from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is conducting exploratory research which could lead to the establishment of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Resilience.

The proposed PhD in Resilience would accommodate the schedules of working professionals interested in or associated with resilience as it relates to public, private (for-profit), nonprofit, local, regional, national and international sectors. Additional focus, at the micro, meso, macro and/or interrelated levels could include political, economic, emergency and crisis management, business continuity, supply chain/resources, security, information technology, infrastructure, intelligence (i.e., national security and business/competitive intelligence) and safety or other area of academic interest.

Possible Program Framework

  • The curriculum for the PhD in Resilience under consideration would be a hybrid program consisting of both online and on-campus participation.
  • The proposed PhD in Resilience would consist of four courses and two one-week or weekend on-campus Las Vegas sessions per calendar year. The PhD in Resilience would require between 48-60 credits of graduate level course work beyond the master’s degree including 12-18 credits of dissertation.
  • It is envisioned that the PhD in Resilience would be structured similarly to UNLV’s established Executive Master of Science in Crisis and Emergency Management (ECEM) program as seen at http://sepa.unlv.edu/programs/ecem.html.

Input Requested

Please reply to Marc Glasser at marc.glasser@unlv.edu addressing any or all of the below.

  1. Student enrollment interest. Please list total number of those who would seriously consider PhD in Resilience program enrollment. Further, although not required, feel free to list names and e-mail addresses of those interested.
  2. With the exception of dissertation requirements/courses, please provide PhD in Resilience curriculum/course suggestions.
  3. Identification of terminal degreed professors (i.e., PhD, DBA, DPA, EdD, DSc, DEng) with interests in teaching in the proposed PhD in Resilience program. Please list names and e-mail addresses of those interested. Further, although not required, a brief bio may be supplied.
  4. Other general or specific comments (welcomed and highly encouraged).

In summary, UNLV is in the earliest stages of consideration, and your input is requested to help assess program demand, viability, and a possible program framework.

Thank you,

Marc Glasser, MS, CEM, CPP, CORP, CHS-V, CMAS
Adjunct Professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
Master of Science Degree in Crisis and Emergency Management Program
(702) 809-3434

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