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Incident Command in the Field VIDEO

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by Emergency Film Group. 2000, 22
minutes. VHS, part of 3-video set, "Industrial
Incident Management" (see DR570). Special
Order Item.
by Emergency Film Group

“Industrial Incident Management is a three-tape video series produced by Emergency Film
Group designed to provide training to personnel who may be called upon to set up an Incident
Management System.”

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Set of 3 Videos, available individually or as a set:
- TAKING CONTROL (18 minutes)

Includes a 20-page Model Procedures Guide to help you structure your Incident Command

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“When an industrial emergency occurs, whether a small incident or a major crisis, federal
regulations require that an Incident Management System (IMS) be in place, ready for
implementation at the first alert. IMS - an organized system of roles, responsibilities and
procedures for commanding and controlling emergency operations - provides for a
systematic, complete and efficient response to any size emergency, able to expand or
contract organizationally based upon the needs and complexity of the particular incident. IMS
should be used at all incidents, drills and exercises in order to build familiarity with the
system and to provide a solid foundation for its application at large-scale, non-routine

“Industrial Incident Management is a three-tape series designed to teach the industrial sector
how to set up a workable IMS. The series includes three tapes - "Taking Control," which
discusses setting up the system, "Incident Command in the Field," which covers organizing
the Command Post and designing strategy to deal with the incident, and "The Emergency
Operations Center," which discusses managing the crisis and dealing with the media. Also
included are two publications, Incident Management: a Petrochemical Perspective, a
reference on incident command and incident management by Greg Noll and Michael
Hildebrand, plus Model Procedures Guide for Industry Emergency Response Teams, (based
upon the NFS Model Procedures Guide for Structural Firefighting) which will help set up an
incident command system for industry.”

- - - - - - -


“Part One of the series, "Taking Control," discusses common types of industrial
emergencies, tells why it is important to have a plan to deal with such emergencies, and
provides an overview of the Incident Command System. It explains what constitutes Level I, II
and III incidents, and differentiates between an incident and a crisis. It also explains the
importance of having an Incident Command System - ready to be activated on a moment's
notice - in order to prevent confusion and manage the emergency to a successful conclusion.

The need for effective communication and cooperation among agencies is stressed, as well
as the need for written SOPs spelling out specific duties and responsibilities. The program
covers the competencies and qualifications necessary for an incident commander as well as
Command's basic responsibilities during the emergency. Other topics discussed in the film
include procedures for transfer of command, the lead agency concept, and the importance of
pre-incident planning and exercises. 18 minutes.

- - - - - - -


“"Incident Command in the Field," the second part of Industrial Incident Management,
describes how a Command Post operates in the field to provide overall management and
direction to the emergency response effort. It explains how Command establishes strategic
objectives, assigns key responsibilities, and evaluates the overall effectiveness of the
response effort.

“The program tells how and where to set up the Command Post and points out the need for
reliable communication equipment and reference resources. The importance of leadership by
the incident commander, particularly at the beginning of the incident, is stressed, and factors
to consider in the IC's decision to select an offensive or defensive strategy are outlined. Other
responsibilities of the IC are also covered, including on-going size-up of the situation, risk
assessment, delegating authority, assigning units, and managing resources.

“Procedures for establishing additional levels of the response organization are outlined and
the responsibilities of staff officers are explained, with particular emphasis placed on the role
of the Safety Officer. Other topics covered include tactical priorities, resource
management/staging areas, terminating the incident and evaluating the response. 22

- - - - - - -


“The final tape in the series, "The Emergency Operations Center," describes the factors that
cause an incident to become a crisis, and discusses the roles and responsibilities of the
Emergency Operations Center during the response. The duties of the Emergency Operations
Center Manager in handling all matters external to the emergency response are outlined,
including operating the rest of the facility, interfacing with the community as well as
government and regulatory officials, media relations, logistical support of the IC, and
communicating with corporate headquarters.

“The video explains how to outfit the site with appropriate communications equipment, office
equipment and specific reference materials. Also discussed are the roles played by crisis
teams and crisis managers, typically activated during Level III incidents.

“Particular attention is given to handling the media during the crisis, and it teaches how to
use the media as an asset. The tape also discusses recovery from the emergency, and
explains that recovery actually begins during the crisis and continues long after the crisis
team is demobilized. 22 minutes.

- - - - - - -


“Emergency Film Group programs are created with the assistance of leaders in emergency
response training. Industrial Incident Management was created with the help of the following
- Ed Hawthorne, Health and Safety Manager, Shell Oil Co., Deer Park, TX
- Chris Herman, Sr. Fire Specialist, BP Toledo
- Mike Hildebrand, principal in Hildebrand and Noll Associates hazmat consulting
- Greg Noll, principal in Hildebrand and Noll Associates hazmat consulting.

- - - - - - -


- Gordon Massingham, writer and director. Former manager of the NFPA Film Department,
Gordon has won numerous national and international awards for excellence in filmmaking.
- Jane Christopher, producer and editor. Well known to emergency response audiences for
programs, Jane has received several awards for filmmaking excellence.

- - - - - - -


“Emergency Film Group, a division of the Detrick Lawrence Corp., was established to
distribute quality training films for emergency response and right to know education. Firmly
committed to accuracy, EFG uses the best qualified advisors and production crews to ensure
that programs are not only exciting to watch, but are also accurate in every detail.

EFG's worldwide list of customers range from the largest petrochemical companies, to
government agencies, to small town fire departments.

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2000, VHS Videos plus 20-page Model Procedures Guide. (Set of 3 or available individually).

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SPECIAL ORDER ITEM. Not returnable.
SET: Order #DR570

- TAKING CONTROL (18 minutes).
Order #DR567

Order #DR568

Order #DR569

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Also Available in other video formats:PAL, SECAM, Beta, 16mm, 3/4 inch Umatic. Contact
info@rothstein.com for pricing and availability.

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